Space Traipse:
Hold My Beer, Season 1

A Science Fiction Comedy

If you love Star Trek and parodies… If the Orville and Galaxy Quest give you as much joy as Wrath of Khan… If you believe (as Tumblr users do) that humans will rule the galaxy because we are the only species crazy enough to tie two warp cores together, reverse the polarity and toss them into a star just to see what will happen… then this is the book for you. These are the voyages of the HMB Impulsive.

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cover art for Space Traipse: Hold My Beer, Season 3
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Space Traipse: The Blog Episodes

Episode 1: Best Laid Plans of Vegetation and Cybernetic Beings

The fun begins! The HMB Impulsive has a routine diplomatic mission – to assist two warring planets to achieve peace through marriage by ferrying the prince to his wedding. But when the prince falls for the ship’s sexy (yes, that’s her title), and the Cybers attack, it’s far from routine. Improvisation and human hold-my-beer ingenuity save the day and the wedding.


Episode 2: The Polarity Panic

The HMB Impulsive responds to a distress signal. Can they save an alien ship they know nothing about? By Keptar, hold their beers and watch!

Episode 3: Foot in the Door 

When Loreli is attacked by xenophobic terrorists and left for dead, her body defends itself by taking root in the soil. However, her fight to save her life causes an interplanetary incident that could destroy peace in the area – and cost the lives of her friends on the Impulsive.

Episode 4: Day in the Life

It’s “filler” time! (As in “Filler Episode”) We follow Janbot, a janitorial robot on its rounds and get a glimpse of the private lives of the crew.

Episode 5: Lone Star

The Impulsive finds the lost deep space generation ship, Lone Star. However, it’s in the midst of a civil war as half the crew tries to stop the other from committing genocide of an alien species. But is it genocide, or evolution?

Episode 6: The No-Brainer

What does happens when you tie two warp cores together and toss them into a star? It’s the episode inspired by the Tumblr post that inspired the series! Kuricrearrogance at its finest? Don’t know what “kuricrearrogance” means? Read the story and find out.

Episode 7: Trouble in Filedise

When the replicators start malfunctioning all over the Union, the Impulsive is sent to Filedise, from which all replicator designs come. But the planet is plagued with panic, rebellion, and customer service disasters of global proportions. Even worse, the Cybers arrive to collect their order!

Episode 8: Phantom of the Cybersphere

Because every series needs a musical episode, amiright?

As the crew deals with the loss of their Ship’s Sexy, they are faced with a new threat from the unlikeliest of sources. Also, Ellie meets again with an old flame – and an old nemesis.

Episode 9: Love is Many Stars

Old loves, new flames, family reunions… When the Impulsive spends time at a space station for repairs and to get rid of the Cybervirus, the crew gets a little time off.  It’s a time for hurting, for healing, and for love in its many “starforms.”

Ellie Doall of the HMB Impulsive

Episode 10: Doall’s Do-Over 

Based on ST: TAS “Yesteryear.” A time-travel snafu puts Ellie in an alternate universe where she never joined HuFleet, and her alternate self has caused so much trouble, she, the Impulsive, and the whole Union are in danger. She must go to her own past and save herself…from attending a party that would ruin everything.

Impulsive vs Marvin

Episode 11: The Naked Impulse

Based on ST: TOS “The Naked Time” and ST:TNG “Naked Now.” The crew of the Impulsive gets the space loonies, and it’s up to Gel, Ellie, and Ellie’s fiance, Todd, to save the ship!

Ellie and Todd in love

Episode 12: Journey to Belon (starts June 2)

Based on ST: TOS “Journey to Babel.” Todd surprises Ellie with an unexpected visit to the Impulsive just as it’s called to escort a bunch of diplomats to Belon. So much for time off together. But when the diplomats include not only an assassin but Ellie’s parents, they – and the impulsive – get more than they bargained for.

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