A Year of Great Days

A Journal for Recording the Good Things in Life

Even one small thing, remembered, can help you be more aware of the great things that happen. A Year of Great Days makes it easy. It’s a simple, low-key diary where you can scribble one nice thing each day so that you have a whole year of great memories. The generic month and date format (including Feb 29 for leap years) means you can start using it anytime.

Mind Over Trilogy


Deryl’s not crazy; he’s psychic. He’ll save worlds if he can keep sane. A blending of fantasy, institutional processes, and psychological elements within the context of an interplanetary crisis. This trilogy will keep you turning pages and leave you heart-warmed and satisfied. 

Mind Over Mind

Mind Over Psyche

Mind Over All

Tales from the “Mind Over” Universe

Hearts Over Mind


SFF Novels & Anthologies

A starship crew meeting every challenge with competence and redneck ingenuity. Nuns working in space. A relic hunter who falls into a black hole. Find science fiction to challenge the intellect, excite the imagination, and tickle the funny bone.


Space Traipse, Season 1

Space Traipse, Season 2

“Discover Avenir”


The Planetary Anthologies – from Tuscany Bay Books

“Marathon to Mordor”

“Moon Boy”

“42 Years of Summer”

Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator

What if zombies weren’t a global disaster, but an ecological pest and a political tool? Welcome to the world of the Zombie Exterminator. Join the adventures of a modern woman with an unusual and demanding job.

Neeta Lyfe,
Zombie Exterminator

I Left My Brains in San Francisco

Shambling in a Winter Wonderland

Coming Soon!

“Wokking Dead”

What people, dead and alive, are saying about Neeta Lyffe:

“I died laughing—and came back to finish it!”

—Mortimer Thyme

“I laughed so hard in places, I couldn’t breathe.”

—Kim Richards, Publisher

“Neeta Rocks! This will be a DB hit!”

—Cincearae Santiago, author of the Abraxas series

“At long last, a zombie book with some life in it!”

—Walt Staples, author and humorist

“The most eclectic and amusing zombie story you’ll read this year.”

—Lincoln Crisler, editor, Corrupts Absolutely?

“When the zombie apocalypse comes, I hope I have someone like Neeta Lyffe by my side. Not only could I let her handle all the undead butt-kicking, she’d keep me laughing through the carnage.”

—Steve Hockensmith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls and Cadaver in Chief

Neeta Lyffe: I Left My Brains In San Francisco is not just about zombie extermination. Author Fabian is a keen satirist with a wicked sense of humor. If you’re looking for a smile with your helping of brains, then Neeta Lyffe is the book for you.

—Lee Mather, author of The Green Man

“The zombie apocalypse at its funnest!”

—Tim Marquiz, author of the Demon Squad series

DragonEye, PI

Meet Vern, a Faerie dragon on the wrong side of the Interdimensional Gap. Fighting crime. Doing Good. And trying to keep his belly fed, his soul clean and his friends alive while he earns back the lost glory of his dragonhood.

Greater Treasures

“Sins of the Brother”

DragonEye, PI

The Faerie Truth Behind the Fairy Tales


Fill-in Journals

Write the story of your own life. Record the joys – or the headaches. Track improtant information or historical events. These simple, fill-in journals make it easy. Check back each month for another one.

A Year of Great Days

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A Job Hunt Journal

My Little Book of Headdesks
Coming March


Little Flowers Craft Companion: Wreath I

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Little Flowers Craft Companion: Wreath II and III

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Little Flowers Craft Companion: Wreath II and III

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Self-Editing: Have Fun With It”

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