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Writer for Hire

To pay the bills, I freelance. Lately, I’ve been writing reviews of business software, but I’ve written about pregnancy and childbirth, environmental issues and science, celebrity interviews, and features on local religious and businesspeople. I also write Catholic and non-Catholic Christian publications: devotionals, saint biographies, school planners, and most recently a script on First Saturdays.


I love science fiction and fantasy (as evidenced by what I write). I think superheroes are awesome. I binge watch SFF with my husband. I think space colonization is the next logical step for humankind. On occasion, I help my husband’s rocket motor company, Vaya Space, with writing. I had a space blog for laymen, and I write on SFF and science topics now and again. I am not the ubergeek who spends hours listening to podcasts about Marvel vs. DC or hanging out on forums arguing NASA vs. Commercial Space, but when a topic interests me, I jump in. 


The day I met my husband, we traded puns so fast and furiously, our friend crawled under the table to escape us. While I don’t have the stage presence to be a comedienne, I do have a love for wordplay, slapstick, and irony that I play with in my writing. My DragonEye novels feature a snarky, noir-style dragon who tells it like he sees it, and since he’s a dragon, it’s from the view of a superior being. (It’s very liberating to write Vern.)

My zombie novels – there, I cut loose. 

It’s a badly kept secret that I’m not a big fan of zombies, but when I set them 30 years in the future as household pests, it made a great playground of slapstick and political and social humor. The zombie apocalypse meets reality TV. Rabid environmentalist zombies! Zombies on skis! And coming eventually, casino zombies!

In 2017, I decided to work off some stress by writing a parody of Star Trek with my own characters and universe. Space Traipse has been running strong ever since. Check it out under books.

Want to Know More?


I am a cradle Catholic, although my family didn’t attend Mass regularly until I was an adult. In college, I explored other faiths, but Catholicism felt right. I love the reverence of the Mass, I love the history of great minds and greater souls who have really thought out what it means to be brothers and sisters of Christ. I love that there are standards, that if we believe, there are ways we should act.

When I started my writing career, my first non-fiction job was writing for Wyoming Catholic Register, and my first fiction was short stories about nuns who do search and rescue in outer space. I have since written a Rescue Sisters novel and a small devotional – with my deacon daddy, no less!


I’ve been teaching different aspects of writing online and in person for over 15 years. I’ve helped create online conferences, teach in webinars and forums, and do the occasional live class. I teach writing (including idea generation, character development and worldbuilding, and proofreading) and time management skills.

I’m available to teach webinars online or seminars in the Space Coast, Florida, area. Contact me if you’d like me to teach your group online or live.

Family Woman

It’s an old photo, but it exemplifies our family at its best: unified, happy and a little goofy. We Fabians are all big geeks. We love D&D and Unstable Unicorns. When the kids were little, they helped me with my books. Rob is my best friend, True Love, and the perfect writer’s spouse. He’s always there with tactical advice for a character or the perfect word – and he thinks I’m sexy despite the fact that all the time at the desk has made me just a bit ~more~ than the woman he married.

Pet Lover

Is any house complete without something warm and fuzzy living in it? I love having a four-legged writing buddy. I had the most wonderful cat, Elbereth, who sat behind my neck on my chair or on my stomach while I proofed printed pages. She died at a respectable old age. Now, we have Toby and Marley – big dogs who cannot sit on my stomach ever, but who will lie at my feet and make me walk away from my desk regularly to let them out or in.

Miata Driver

After 21 years of minivans, I got a hot sports car. It was not my intention! I was looking for economy cars, which led to economy sports cars; then Rob said, “Let’s test drive one!” and … Funnest Car Ever!

I drive with the top down, even in 20-degree weather. People shout compliments to me on the road. Once, Dodge Charger postured for my car on the highway. (Racing ahead, then falling back, gunning the engine. Never mind the old lady driving.) I still giggle when I see it in the driveway.

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