You asked for it – here it is, Space Traipse: Hold My Beer, Season 2.

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You’ll find some of the previous blogisodes, editorially remastered for book form. Boldly go where no one has gone before? Oh, yeah, we went there, and then some. Book Two features:

Lone Star: When the Impulsive finds the lost generational ship, Lone Star, Captain Tiberius rejoices to be reunited with a lost branch of his family tree. But it’s brother against brother as JR and Bobby fight over the future of the planet where they found liquid unobtanium. Even worse, the mining is altering the genetic makeup of the natives.
Amock Time (Bonus Episode): Minion Gel O’Tin makes ensign! But when his planet subpoenas him to add to the species gene pool by mating with his lifelong bully, he smells a trap. A tale of cunning and sex appeal as Enigo and Loreli help Gel triumph in love and war.
The No Brainer: Heck, yeah! Let’s toss a warp core into a star and see what happens! (Seriously, do you need more summary than that?)
Ad Astra: Only on the Impulsive can a fight lead to a movie review. Spoiler: It is not the Dread Oog!

Sneak Peek:

Once again, Gel started to bubble and roil. “I was so stupid! Koos doesn’t care. She’s not going to take me. Now I have to go home, and she’s going to humiliate me like she always did, only it’ll be worse. It’ll be in front of the Council and all of you and…”

“That’s enough, Ensign!” Jeb ordered, and Gel fell silent. That is to say, he stopped talking, but he still blurped and burbled with agitation. “If you think some childhood bully is going to sway our opinion of you, you’d better have another think coming.”

“Don’t make me go, sir. Maybe the doc could, I don’t know, extract some DNA and send it to them?”

Enigo was grinding his teeth. “Captain, permission to speak to my ensign alone?”

Jeb raised a brow. “Will I regret it?”

“No, but she will.”

The Captain’s eyes narrowed. “We will not be harming a Union citizen, no matter how much of a…blook she may be.”

Enigo looked genuinely shocked. “What? No. She’s gonna be the mother of Gel’s kids, sir. No, way.”

“No, she’s not!”

“As you were, Ensign!” Enigo snapped at the tub of goo that was his subordinate. “No one under my command shirks his procreative duty to his species, comprende?”

Taking Gel’s sullen silence as an answer, Enigo leaned against the edge of the vat. “You said you wanted to rub some phagosomes in your awesomeness. Time to make it happen. We start from the beginning. Tell me everything about this ceremony and how this blook is twisting it to make you look bad. We’re going to make this right, you got that? Together. The ship is family.”

“And family takes care of its own.” Gel said. His voice sounded calmer than it had in days.

Enigo turned to look at the captain. “Don’t worry, sir. Gel will make the Impulsive proud.”

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