Space Traipse: Hold My Beer, Season 7

More Star Trek parody fun featuring the crew of the HMB Impulsive! In this exciting season:

  • “They Grow So Fast” (Parody of ST:TNG “The Child): When the Impulsive plows into an sapient energy being, it decides to explore humanity by becoming human—and chooses Lt. Ellie Doall to be his mom! From dealing with morning sickness to finding her boy grown and kissing her best friend (ew!), Ellie experiences the highs and lows of motherhood in days. But can her skills protect Joleu from a black ops Union division intent on taking him for study?
  • “Put a Ring on It” (Parody of ST:TOS “Who Mourns for Adonais?”): The Impulsive is waylaid by the ancient god Neptune, who thinks they should worship him instead of saving a planet of merfolk. (Or not saving—it’s a Prime Directive thing).
  • “Erst Bound and Down”: The Impulsive plays “Smokey and the Bandit” when they have to run a blockade. Erst is in dire need of grain to stop a famine, but the Smo’qui, a federation of fanatics who believe the only humane food is replicated, try to stop them every which way they can.


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Welcome to Fabianspace


A Logic shipJoin the multiverse of science fiction, fantasy, the paranormal and the un-normal from the mind of Karina Fabian. Here you will find snarky dragons, slapstick zombies, religious sisters who do dangerous work in space, insane psychics and more. With books that range from the solidly serious to the happily hysterical, you’ll find adventures to challenge the mind and tickle the funnybone – sometimes both at once.

Star Trek fan who loves a laugh? Orville fan jonesing for a fix in between seasons? Hop aboard the HMB Impulsive in Space Traipse: Hold My Beer. These are the adventures of a starship crew that will try anything – even reversing the polarity by 90 degrees. Can’t be done? Hold my beer and watch! Visit Space Traipse.

See our world through the eyes of a disgruntled Faerie dragon in the humorous fantasy series with a noir style. Yes, Vern fans, he’s back –  dealing with inequities, solving mysteries, and saving the world on an all-too-frequent basis. With Nun of My Business, he’s now joined by Sister Grace, a mage of the Faerie Church and the only one to keep up with him since St. George.  Visit DragonEye, PI. 

Visit an alternate future where the Zombie Apocalypse was the Zombie Not-pacalypse. Join the adventures of an exterminator with an unusual specialty – taking out the undead. Science fiction humor/horror inspired not by Zombieland, but by Hollywierd in general, it’s a world of wacky zombies and wacked politics. Visit Neeta Lyffe.

In the mood for a YA paranormal? Kanaan is a world of psychics and dragons – and a technologically superior enemy that wants to make it their own. Only two people can save them – Kanaan’s Miscria, who can harness the energy of her world, and her human husband, whose psychic abilities had driven him insane. Visit Mind Over Mind.

Catholic geeks! What could be more perfect than nuns in space? Join the adventures of the Rescue Sisters, who live and work throughout our solar system saving lives and souls. Catholic science fiction – who knew it was a thing? Visit Rescue Sisters.

There are other worlds as well. Find them under Books.

Award-Winning Author

Karina Fabian

written by Vern, of DragonEye, PI

Karina Fabian is an award-winning author of science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy, usually in some mix that shows her quirky humor and worldview. She’s got a knack for irony and approves of my puns. Plus, she understands my unique dragon nature. What more can you ask for in an SFF author and humorist?

Much as I’d like to retain her as my personal scribe, she also writes humorous horror and hard science fiction. Her fantasy and science fiction stories have been published in novels, anthologies and magazines. Lots to keep a dragon interested, so you should have no problem finding something.

Read her bio to learn more. Then go buy a book about me.


This author is as funny as Robert Asprin on one of his good days. Who else could come up with a twelve foot Sam Spade named Vern and get away with it so brilliantly?

– Sam Staples


With the dexterity of an Isaac Asimov or Larry Niven, Karina makes the science and speculative science of the story accessible, deftly weaving it into the fabric of the story.

– T.M. Dorian


Karina Fabian doesn’t stop with well-crafted worlds. She fills those worlds with multifaceted characters and problems to solve, and deftly draws in the spiritual dimension of their struggles.

– Jane Lebak


Sometimes I wish I could take a vacation to Karina’s Brain. Spend a day on the Shores of Silliness and come back much more refreshed than from the beach.

– Karen Ullo

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