Ilsidore Expansion Sets for Large Parties

Ilsidor's Expansion Set for Large Parties, Volume 4?

Oh, you thought this was real? You sweet, summer child! (or is it Summer Court child?) No, I just made it up for the book because we really needed a stealth mode. Alas, there are no Ilsidore Expansion Sets, much less one For Large Parties, Volume 4. If you are a serious gamer, I do apologize for the inconvenience.

But I’m thrilled you cared enough to look it up. More to the point, Vern is amused, and so he’s arranged with Titania, Queen of the Summer Court, She Whose Will and Whims Shall Never Be Denied, to grant you a boon.

Below is a downloadable coupon for a free reroll, courtesy of the SummerFae and DragonEye, PI (subject to DM approval, of course. We know DMs rule supreme in their courts.) Print and present it to your DM the next time that Nat 1 puts you in worse trouble than Vern at the hands of an angry troll who listens to Ted Talks. (Oops! Hope you’ve read that far.

Thanks for reading DragonEye! May your adventures have as many laughs as Vern’s, but less pain!


(…and don’t forget to check out all his adventures.) 


coupon for a free re-roll