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A snarky dragon working as a private investigator in our world. An exterminator who specializes in eradicating zombies. A psychic teen whose abilities drive him insane. Nuns who do search and rescue operations in outer space. Rednecks in a Star Trekish future. Come explore the worlds of FabianSpace: Stories of imagination, humor, and heart.

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Award-Winning Author

Karina Fabian

I’ve been writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror for nearly thirty years, and it’s been so rewarding to watch my characters and worlds come to life, make new friends, and know that I’m giving people a happy escape for a few hours. I probably laugh more writing these books than anyone does reading them. If sometimes, it’s more of an BWAHAHA! evil-overlord-type laugh, then that’s all the more fun for you!

I publish under Laser Cow Press, which was inspired by a good friend who once complained about an author going on for an entire page about cows. “We all know what cows look like. No one needs a page about cows!”

…unless they have frickin’ laser beams on their heads. 

If that kind of quirk appeals to you, then come join me in FabianSpace!


This author is as funny as Robert Asprin on one of his good days. Who else could come up with a twelve foot Sam Spade named Vern and get away with it so brilliantly?

– Sam Staples


With the dexterity of an Isaac Asimov or Larry Niven, Karina makes the science and speculative science of the story accessible, deftly weaving it into the fabric of the story.

– T.M. Dorian


Karina Fabian doesn’t stop with well-crafted worlds. She fills those worlds with multifaceted characters and problems to solve, and deftly draws in the spiritual dimension of their struggles.

– Jane Lebak


Sometimes I wish I could take a vacation to Karina’s Brain. Spend a day on the Shores of Silliness and come back much more refreshed than from the beach.

– Karen Ullo

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