If you enjoyed this story, then get it as a novella. If you haven’t been following Ellie’s adventure in time or if Google led you here, then read on about this new Space Traipse novella.

Space Traipse strikes again with this parody of ST: TAS “Yesteryear.” An away mission in time erases Ensign Ellie Doall, replacing her with a busybody alternate self that wreaks havoc across the Union. Now a vengeful warlord razes the galaxy on a mission to kill her, and her former friends are glad to help. Can Ellie stop her younger self from ruining their life?

Cringe at the improbable character ‘shipping. Learn the secret to the Impulsive’s Miracle Ensign. Watch Warlord Enigo LaFuentes put Khan to shame. Snag this Space Traipse adventure and let’s do the time plot as only the HMB Impulsive can!

A laugh-out-loud parody that fondly skewers the tropes of the world’s most beloved science fiction show, and of sci-fi in general. Space Traipse: Hold My Beer is highly recommended for people who love science fiction, parody, and just good fun.