So, remember how I took a break from Space Traipse so I could write the next story and build a story bible for reference? I promise I had really intended to do that, but then life got in the way. To whit:

Karina wearing a laser cow on her head

  • A horrific and pervasive sinus infection that’s affected my ability to concentrate
  • The whole family coming to visit, including my parents, coupled with days off for going sightseeing
  • Getting Unstable Unicorns for Christmas. Such a fun game, especially in my family of cutthroat players.
  • My parents actually deciding to make the leap to move to Florida (which meant househunting!)
  • The resolution of an issue with my crit group
  • This short episode running into part 17 and climbing


And best of all – completion of Growing Pains, the first novel in the rebooted DragonEye series. For those of you who love my snarky dragon detective Vern, he’s back and better than ever. Be watching for the book April 2019!

I have a behind-the-scenes blog to share next week, then we’ll get started again with “Space Traipse: Hold My Beer, Episode 6: The Art of Science and Engineering.”

Incidentally, I still sound like a Kewpie doll, my parents put a bid on a house, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with the kids.