I’m participating in the book lover’s blog hop tour. Several of us got together to answer questions about our reading and writing habits. Today’s my day and here’s our question:

Do your family/friends support your reading habit?

Jo Linsdell www.JoLinsdell.com

I’ve always been a big reader and so all my family and friends know about my love of books. They often ask what I’m reading at the moment, or for suggestions when they need to buy a book as a present.

My husband is more supportive when I tell him about new books I’ve been sent free for review, than when I tell him I hit the bookstore again though 😉

Belinda Bekkers www.belindabekkers.com


They’re supportive of the reading habit, not so much the book buying habit.



Laurie Lucking www.landsuncharted.com

Mostly 🙂 My husband typically just laughs when I tell him I got yet another new book, and my sister and parents know that books / Barnes & Noble giftcards are some of my favorite presents. My two young sons, on the other hand, don’t appreciate it when Mommy is having trouble putting her book down to come drive cars with them.



Katherine A. Pisana – www.katherineapisana.com


Oh, my family definitely supports the habit! They have to since I got it from them. My grandfather has more books than I have, and I have A LOT. My parents are also big readers so they know the value of reading!


Just B. Jordan www.JustBJordan.com


I always receive a number of books at my birthday and Christmas, so yes. 🙂 Sometimes they roll their eyes when I come home with new books, but it’s all in good fun. Whenever they need a new read they ask me for recommendations or borrow from my shelves.


Skye Hegyes www.skyehegyes.com


My parents were the ones that got me started reading, and my father especially raised my interest in fantasy. My whole family reads, and I’ve even gotten my husband to start reading after years of… nothing…


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