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Date   Blog Name   What’s Happening
Oct 1 Dead Wrong Radio Podcast
Oct 1 Dawn Witzke’s Blog Basic Info
Oct 1 Jester Harley’s Blog Why Write Zombies?
Oct 2 Writers in Residence Interview
Oct 2 Writers on the Move Marketing Preps to Do While You Write the Book
Oct 3 Dusty Pages Zombie Exterminators in Love
Oct 3 Damnation Books Blog Read Chapter One or Hear the Narration
Oct 4 Catholic Geeks A Catholic Writer…of Zombie Fiction?
Oct 4 Dusty Pages Sunday Showcase
Oct 4 The Backlist An Author, a Critic and a Comic Talk Zombies
Oct 5 Imaginary Friends Interview
Oct 5 The Far Edge of Normal The Great Zombie Interview Experiment
Oct 6 Horror Addicts Five Things You Need to Know About Zombies
Oct 6 SpellboundScribbler Interview
Oct 7 Book Connection Sustaining A Writing Career
Oct 7 Dawn Witzke’s Blog Interview
Oct 7 Writerly Wednesdays Interview
Oct 8 A Pius Man Basic Info
Oct 8 Girl Zombie Authors Zombie Environmental Terrorists Get a Theme Song!
Oct 9 A Pius Man Entertainment or Importance?
Oct 10 A Pius Man Interview
Oct 11 A Pius Man Review
Oct 12 Dawn Witzke’s Blog Review
Oct 12 Whimsical Words monster creation
Oct 13 Alexandra Christian’s Blog Humor Writing Tips
Oct 13 The Writers’ Lens Interview with Becky
Oct 14 Balancing Act The Fun Part
Oct 14 Writerly Wednesdays Interview with Narrator Becky Parker
Oct 16 A Writer’s Jumble Interview
Oct 16 Life Happens. A Lot. Waiting for a Wormhole
Oct 14 EMZ Newz Making Monsters
Oct 18 The Catholic Geeks Podcast with Karina & Becky