After years of asking and whining and begging and trying to do it myself, I finally have a new blog. Many thanks to Dan Tennant, my overcommitted, overstressed and overwhelmingly kind webmaster for putting it together and then teaching me how to make it work. Those of you who know me know I hate WordPress and came to this system not quite kicking and screaming, but reluctantly, like my dog heading to the bath. However, with Dan’s instruction, WP and I have established a detente that may lead to eventual friendship.

However, WordPress is a blogging platform, and I am not a blogger. I tried blogging for five years. I never had a following of more than a dozen, and I find I just don’t care to share my opinions with the world, especially when so many other people enjoy it and do it better.

Therefore, the blog will be reserved for passing news I think readers will find interesting, but which aren’t big enough to warrant a change to the home page. Let’s call it “unblogging.”  Otherwise, I occasionally write for the Catholic Writers’ GuildPatheos, Girl Zombie Authors and Catholic Geeks along with others who are more verbose and often more interesting than I am. (Not putting myself down. I just save it for my fiction.)

In the meantime, here’s a fun photo of Robert Paulson, our skeleton mascot at work. Kate was gone for a weekend, and he wanted to be ready to welcome her in style.

Robert looking for love