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Join the adventures of the HMB Impulsive as it explores the galaxy, proving humans are crazy enough to do anything. Don’t believe me? Hold my beer & watch.


Captain Jeb Tiberius: He’s a good ol’boy with the best job in the world, a crazy-competent (or is that crazy, competent?) crew, and a ship with wikadas shields. Under his command, there’s nothing the Impulsive can’t do and won’t try.

First Officer Commander Benedict Smythe: Dry of wit and unending in patience, this Englishman has more fun on the ship than he lets on.

Chief Engineer Commander Angus Deary: Miracle worker or mad scientist of engineering? “Can I make the ship do that, Captain? Ach. Hold mah beer.”

Security Chief Lt. Enigo Guiermo Ricardo Montoya Guiterrez LaFuentes: Raised in the gang-divided generation ship, the Hood, even Union Fleet Academy couldn’t take the street out of him.

Helmsman Lt. Tonio Cruz: He’s a pilot and Italian. Do not ask him to fly the ship and talk at the same time.

Ops Officer Ellie Doall: She’s always ready to anticiapate the captain’s commands, work miracles and cover the other officers’ butts. Just ask her.

Science Officer (and ship’s sexy) Loreli: A plant-based sentient life form, she’s not only the most competent and intelligent person on the ship (next to Doall), she’s also dedicated to wearing tight outfits that accentuate every curve of her ridiculously amazing figure, and being completely unattainable to the crew, romantically.

Transporter Chief Dolfrick Dour: By the manipulations of technology he reduced people to their most basic elements and rematerializes them elsewhere. Is it any wonder he’s 23rd Century Goth?



(Note: Current episodes may not have all links live. Please check the dates.)

Episode 1: Best Laid Plans of Vegetation and Cybernetic Beings

Part 1: Best Laid Plans of Vegetation and Cybernetic Beings. The fun begins! (04/19/17)

Part 2: The Wikadas Blade. Because every starship should have a cowcatcher. (04/26/18)

Part 3: Meanwhile, Back on the VR Deck. The prince makes moves on Loreli. (05/03/17)

Part 4: Don’t Mess with the Ship’s Sexy. Loreli’s refusal of the prince’s affections has an unexpected result. (05/17/17)

Part 5: Can I Make the Situation Worse? Hold My Beer. Tempers flare when the prince continues to pursue Loreli. (05/24/17)

Part 6: Death duels and Cybers and Romcoms, Oh, My! “Wait, I gotta get cut?” Sometimes, doing your job is such a pain. (05/31/17)

Part 7: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire. The Impulsive gets caught in a lover’s quarrel…with phasers. Plus a new threat shows up, and they aren’t interested in the wedding. (06/07/17)

Part 8: Love in the Time of Cybers. Can imminent death bring two people together? (06/14/17)

Part 9: Tipo tosto! Unless the crew can buy some time, it’s Danny Boy for the Impulsive. (06/21/17)

Part 10: Crazy Train. Cue up Ozzy Ozborne and get ready for an exciting battle. (06/28/17)

Part 11: Bwak-bwak. the Impulsive takes on the Cybers in a giant game of Space Chicken. (07/05/17)

Part 12: Mission Accomplished. (07/12/17)

Episode 2: The Polarity Panic

Part 1: The Impulsive picks up a distress signal. by Keptar’s buttock, they have to do something! (07/26/17)

Part 2: First contact in a crisis situation is always stressful, but is six minutes before your ship blows up really the time to visit? Humans – it’s how we roll. (08/02/17)

Part 3: “If the panel’s bright, use the one on the right.” Safety third as the Impulsive crew tries to stave off the warp core breech. (08/09/17)

Part 4: Reverse the polarity and praise Keptar! Deary saves the day. (08/16/17)

Episode 3: Foot in the Door

Part 1:Loreli’s attempts to convince the people of Keepout to open their world to visitors is thwarted by terrorists.(08/30/17)

Part 2: Who had the power to stop a starship? The DipCorp Branch can! Senior Diplomat Wylson has bad news for the crew of the Impulsive. (09/06/17)

Part 3:Loreli’s alive – but what trouble is she in? The Impulsive is going to need some human ingenuity to dig her out of this mess. (09/13/17)

Part 4:When diplomatic negotiations falter, Capt Tiberius bolster’s Loreli’s morale. (09/20/17)

Part 5:Security Chief LaFuentes gets a timeout when his temper flares. The authority on Keepout has a solution to the problem that will save their planet, at the expense of Loreli’s life. (9/27/17)

Part 6: LaFuentes discovers the inspirational power of a good workout. How can a gelatinous life form and the ship’s pet save Loreli? (10/04/17)

Part 7:While the Impulsive plans some thrilling heroics, Capt. Tiberius stalls for time. (10/11/17)

Part 8:Yay! An easy, diplomatic solution seems possible. Yeah, right. (10/18/17)

Part 9: Thrilling heroics! (10/25/17)

Part 10: The heartwarming ending – because every series has to have that feel-good ending episode, even the parodies. (11/01/17)