Discovery front final
Sept 18, my science fiction novel, Discovery, comes out from Full Quiver Press. If you like alien encounters, future technology, a little romance and some fun and funny scenes, you should check it out. This is also Catholic science fiction, so there are saints, religious discussions, and religious sisters. Of course, the religious sisters wear space suits and do dangerous work in outer space…because they’re awesome that way. You can read more about the book itself here.

As usual, I’m having a book tour to celebrate and promote. Check out the schedule below for the interviews, guest posts and more. I’d especially like to point out the Facebook party, which will have prizes, livestreaming and other fun.

Date Location Fun in Store Give-Away
18-Sep Tannia Ortiz-Lopes – Google + Page Interview Discovery eBook
18-Sep Tannia Ortiz-Lopes – Facebook Page Interview Discovery eBook
18-Sep Catholic Geek Podcast Interview & Other Fun
19-Sep Plot, Line and Sinker About the Book ISIG II
20-Sep Marina’s Musings Rocking the Bechdel Test
21-Sep Spiritual Woman About the Book
21-Sep Anne Faye Five Rules for Faith in Fiction
21-Sep The Palace of Twelve Pillars Meet Characters Sean & James Discovery eBook
22-Sep Catholic Fire Interview, Review ISIG II
23-Sep The Reclamation Society Podcast Christian Themes in Stranger Things ISIG II
23-Sep The Catholic Underground Character Interview
24-Sep Reflections of a Catholic Scientist Review
25-Sep FabianSpace Cut Scene – Rita & James
26-Sep My Scribbler’s Heart Interview, Review Discovery eBook
26-Sep Erin McCole Cupp About the Book Discovery eBook
27-Sep FabianSpace Prelaunch Story – Merl
27-Sep Our Hearts Are Restless Review
28-Sep The Writings of A. K. Frailey About the Book ISIG II
29-Sep Catholic Mom Why Nuns in Space
29-Sep Hearts Are Restless Interview
30-Sep Sheila’s Reviews Raising Thinkers Using Sci-Fi
1-Oct FabianSpace Prelaunch Story – Chris
1-Oct Facebook Party! Prizes, Contests, Livecasting
3-Oct Plot, Line and Sinker Interview ISIG II
5-Oct Books & Art Interview
6-Oct Can We Cana? Review
6-Oct Spellbound Scribbler About Science and SF Writers Discovery eBook
10-Oct The Right Geek How I Started Writing Catholic SFF
12-Oct The Right Geek Review
13-Oct FabianSpace Excerpts from Reviews