Mind Over Trilogy


Deryl’s not crazy; he’s psychic, and if he can come to terms with his power, he will save worlds.

Deryl’s life has never been easy. He never knew his father, and when he was a child, someone killed his mother as he watched helpless. Is it any wonder, then, that when a strange and powerful man comes to his dreams offering to teach him to defend himself, he jumps at the chance? Years later, the Master’s dreamtime lessons translate into real-world skills and a bloodlust that scares Deryl.

Then Deryl became psychic.

The inability to control the flood of other’s thoughts and emotions combined by the Master’s encouragement to use his new powers to lash out and even kill are too much. Deryl is committed.

Things are quieter in the asylum, but even there, he’s manipulated – by the Master, by the chief psychiatrist determined to discover the secret of his powers, and by a mysterious voice known as the Miscria. By 18, he’s convinced he’ll never have a life outside the asylum walls, until a young intern with unique training decides to treat his powers as real – and help him control them. Deryl discovers the Miscria is real; she’s at war with the Master’s people, and Deryl is destined to save her world.

Thus begins an epic journey of friendship, redemption, and discovering that the greatest curse can become the biggest blessing. It starts with a mind over mind.

Mind Over Trilogy