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Join the multiverse of science fiction, fantasy, the paranormal and the un-normal from the mind of, well me. I’m Karina Fabian, and my brain is crowded with snarky dragons, slapstick zombies, religious sisters who do dangerous work in space, insane psychics and more. I write novels and stories, some solidly serious and some quite hysterical. Usually, you’ll find elements of both.

Feel free to explore my worlds. above you’ll find the portals to my universes – the series I write in. Stand alone books are listed in the books section. If you really want to know about me, click my bio – but I’m not nearly as interesting as my characters!  Finally, if you are interested in writing classes either online or in person, for your group, check out my offerings.


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About Karina

written by Vern of DragonEye, PI


headshot of Karina Fabian, author, reviewerKarina Fabian is an award-winning author of science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy, usually in some kind of crazy mix that lets her quirky humor and view of the world show. That’s why I let her narrate my DragonEye cases for stories. She’s got a knack for irony and approves of my puns, plus, she understands my unique dragon nature. What more can you ask for in an SFF author and humorist?

Much as I’d like to retain her as my personal scribe – because believe me, I have plenty of adventures to share – she’s got her own stories to write. Personally, I’m no fan of zombies, which to a dragon is equivalent to reading about the leftovers coming back to life, but I have to admit, her Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator books are pretty funny. My partner, Sister Grace, and I like her Catholic science fiction stories more. Nuns in space doing dangerous rescue missions as their way to serve God? Great stuff. She’s also written science fiction about a virtual reality world and a man caught in a black hole.

Karina doesn’t just write novels, however. Her fantasy and science fiction stories – many starring Yours Truly – have been published in online and print magazines and anthologies. She’s won multiple awards until she stopped entering contests because she didn’t see the point. She’d rather have readers than trophies. (As a collector of baubles, I can’t really relate, but hey, I’m a dragon.)

When she’s not talking to me or writing down her other stories, she works at Newscycle Solutions as a marketing communications specialist. She’s married to Rob Fabian, President of Rocket Crafters, a retired AF colonel, and her go-to man for ideas or help with a story. Great guy! They have four kids who love me. Right now, they have two dogs that I’ve been asked not to eat.

If you want to know more, check out her bio. If you want to know about me, go to my DragonEye, PI page. (Hey, if I have to write this for her, I can self-promote.)